Med. Cruise 2002

Please be patient if you don't have a high speed connection.
There are several pictures and a short video on this page.

I put this page together as a tribute to my son Bill
and all the men and women aboard the USS Monterey who have just
completed their 6 month deployment in the Persian Gulf.
Webmaster: Ron Burgess Sr.

Just A few pictures from Bill's tour.

Not my cup of tea. Thank God for Bill and the other men and women of the US NAVY!!!

Please sign the Guestbook. It has been a tough six month tour and these young men and women who have been away from their families, wives, husbands and kids, need to know all of America (and the world) appreciates what they have given up to protect our freedoms.
I know I am very proud, Ron


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Bill and Brandon's Hooters Birthday

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